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Woman with Yoga mat watching Bootylates
Katrina SternlieClient

I first met Nina Waldman and went to her studio, Body in Mind two years ago. I feel so fortunate that my trainer referred me to Nina. I had previously done some Pilates sessions a few times, but really did not find them enjoyable or felt like they were helpful to me. But, after my first session with Nina, I quickly changed my mind. Nina is a true professional, who brings her passion to her work on a daily basis. She is a gentle, informative and helpful teacher and I always feel good after doing a class or session with Nina. She develops a wonderful rapport with her clients and is always there for questions, even when she is not in class. After three months of working with Nina and her staff, I began to see a difference in my strength, balance, and figure. She also “walk her talk” and is a true source of inspiration. My life is better because of Nina and the work she does!

Richard FrocktClient

My name is Richard Frockt and I am now in my early 70’s. I started with Nina’s de-stress and stretch class over five years ago with the goal of staying flexible and limber as I got older. It’s worked! I work out with her two days a week and do weights and aerobic exercise three other days. I might add I play golf 3 days. I think that my consistent exercise in de-stress and stretch has made me able to remain flexible and limber to accomplish my weekly goals. Nina works hard at personalizing the exercise to maximize the results. My general health is excellent and her overall training regimen makes me recognize the need to coordinate exercise and diet for better health. I recommend her classes’ whole heartily.

Alan DuncanAge 72, Client

I have been attending stretch and fitness classes at, Body in Mind Pilates Studio for more than five years and I am very satisfied with the improvements I have made with my flexibility and balance. Nina Waldman is an exceptional instructor with knowledge of Pilates, Yoga, and meditation. I recommend Nina’s workouts to anyone who wants to improve their health and quality of life regardless of age.

Nick B.Client

I am 53 years old and have battled back pain since I was 18. Playing sports all my life is probably the main reason. For the last 15 years, I have been working at a job that requires me to sit for extended periods of time at a desk which is definitely not good for my back. I decided that I needed to do something about it and that was Pilates. I have been with Nina and her instructors for several years and my back has never felt better even though I am working more hours than ever before. My core is so strong that playing golf, a sport I love is now a regular in my life. Whether I work with Nina in a private session or in a class, she always provides the proper motivation and insertion to each my goals.

Joanne HopkinsClient

I’ve never considered myself “athletic,”‘ even though I’ve always secretly aspired to be. Just not in my DNA. Hot Yoga, kickboxing, Zumba, you name it… Nothing seemed to stick until I found Nina and her experienced staff at, Body in Mind. I feel stronger, leaner, and I’ve found my home.
Nina and her Team really know what they’re doing, and this is their gift. For them to share their gift, we truly are the lucky ones. Body in Mind is one of the best-kept secrets I town (not for long!), as well as well-deserved, Best of Vegas! This has changed me and changed my life in Las Vegas. I am the #1 forever grateful fan!

Monika NiccoliClient

Nina Waldman instructed me in Prenatal Pilates and saw me through two pregnancies! Thanks to her signature workout, Bootylates, I was able to bounce back quickly after having two babies within 3 ½ years. My body is balanced, strong and toned thanks to Nina Waldman, Body in Mind, Pilates, and Bootylates.

Marcia Pankratz1988 and 1996 Olympian, Client

I always look forward to going to classes at Body in Mind Pilates Studio. The classes bring an amazing overall workout. Every time I walk out of the studio, I feel like I have been through a strength training session, an anaerobic workout, and a Pilates class all in one! Nina’s professional, expert instruction is special and very unique. Bootylates is challenging, fun and makes me feel great!

Irene RenteriaClient

I thought I had experienced my fair share of great workouts while being a collegiate athlete. Nina’s Bootylates class definitely makes the top 5! Every time I walk out of the studio, not only do I feel I have a complete workout from head to toe, I feel energized. With Bootylates, I get a strength workout, aerobic workout, and all of the wonderful benefits of Pilates. If you want a great workout, workout feeling great and booty tight? Get to Nina’s Bootylates Class.


As a nurse working the graveyard shift, it isn’t always easy to get my “booty” to a class. Having the Bootylates videos accessible anytime day or night is just what I’ve been waiting for. The convenience, coupled with workouts that stretch, tone and work your body like no other workout you’ve ever done, is priceless. After only a few workouts I can see and feel a positive change in my body. If you’re looking for a workout that motivates and keeps you coming back for more, then Bootylates is for you!

Rob GoldsteinClient

Hi, my name is Rob Goldstein. I live at the Palms, and see the studio as I walk to my workouts. I heard that Nina is wonderful, and everything I heard is correct. I was struggling with a very tight body, and in pain stemming from an aggravated disc in my lower back that was going to the sacral nerves. I was in tears. I saw Nina, and Jen, and found out all I was doing was wrong in order to heal. They have worked with me in changing my entire routine. My body is now open, my posture is better, I feel great! I have lost weight. I have even grown taller because I am standing taller. I strongly recommend Nina and Jen to anyone to improve their lifestyle and body. I take private lessons twice a week and have incorporated the new routines in my home and the gym on the other days. It's so amazing what they do, and know. Thank you!!!


Nina’s 21-day challenge is a proven, effective way to transform your whole body in 3 weeks. I didn’t believe it until I tried it and it worked. I lost 12 pounds on the 21-day challenge by changing the way I eat, exercising and sticking to the regime. I will be a client of Nina’s for life. She not only changes me on the exterior but she has changed my mentality as well. I now know there is nothing I cannot do!


I met Nina through a mutual friend and it was THE best introduction ever! Nina and reformer Pilates have changed my life; one vertebrae at a time. Nina and her staff are dedicated not only to the physical well-being of each student, but posses a unique approach of explaining the benefits of each, position/move/stretch. I seriously want to hug everyone after I leave my classes at Body In Mind.

Mette, Daxa and Jenna

Dear Nina,
Thank you so much for the great class last week, we all took something new from it and we appreciated your focus on good form. I know that going back to my regular Pilates class in Copenhagen this week, I paid extra attention to using muscles instead of relying on joints!
Best wishes and kind regards from cold and rainy Denmark

Lisa ArmatasClient

I have practiced Pilates for 10 years. When I moved to Las Vegas this year I was EXTREMELY lucky to find Nina Waldman's Body in Mind Pilates Studio. Nina is absolutely THE BEST instructor I have ever had! Every single class is creative and individualized to my needs or wants. Some classes are challenging and build strength and some classes are de-stressing and decompressing (so relaxing). My body feels great after every class!

Jaime Dapper

My name is Jaime Dapper and I first started working out with Nina when I was pregnant with my first child about 6 years ago. Nina specializes in prenatal Pilates and I needed to get my body moving while being pregnant at 38 years old.
I was a high caliber athlete my entire life. I started playing tennis at age 8 and played through college and professionally. Multiple shoulder injuries/surgeries ended my tennis career in my mid twenties. After tennis I got into running and ran multiple marathons including the Boston marathon, I became certified in classical Pilates, and remained very active and fit.
When I was pregnant I just let myself go and enjoyed being pregnant. I had three babies in less than 4 years.
After my daughter was born at age 42, I just couldn’t seem to lose the baby weight. I gained 70lbs and weighed 200 pounds at the time of her birth.
I was able to lose 50 pounds on my own but I needed help getting me back to ME (and my goal weight of 130 pounds.)
That’s when I reached out to Nina. I realized I could not do it on my own.
Within 8 months of training and being nutritionally coached by Nina I am proud to say I am back to 130 pounds and almost feeling like myself again. She helped me realize how important eating is (at forty something) and not just training. I used Nina’s recipes, trained with her twice a week, and listened to her encouragement and positive feedback almost daily. She also suggested I get my blood work done so I could better understand what else my body needed in terms of supplements.
I couldn’t be happier with my results and I know I could not have gotten there without Nina!