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Body in Mind Pilates Studio & Fitness Boutique has been offering you fun and effective classes since 1998. Body in Mind focuses on quality over quantity. In this intimate and inviting studio, equipped with STOTT Pilates equipment, you have an extensively trained staff at your disposal. When I opened the first Body in Mind Pilates Studio while living in Israel, I promised my clients I would always keep their health and wellness in mind. I take pride in knowing that myself and my instructors provide impeccable services which are constantly evolving to ensure that our studio is reflective of the ever-changing face of health and fitness.

My husband, H Waldman, and I are born and raised in Las Vegas, but his basketball career had us relocate so he could follow his dream playing professional basketball. We moved to Jerusalem, Israel where I would open the first, Body In Mind Pilates Studio in 1998. Well into his third season and during a game, he herniated a disc and had to undergo spinal surgery. This is when we were introduced to Pilates. After witnessing him rehabilitate rapidly, I was so excited by this method I decided to get certified in Pilates. The studio was a huge hit in Jerusalem! After a couple of years and once we returned to Las Vegas, I opened another Body in Mind Pilates Studio inside, The Las Vegas Sporting House. As I grew, my staff did too. We relocated inside of Drift Spa at Palms Place and operated there for 10 years until the pandemic hit. Currently, I’m available online and from my home studio offering; Life Coaching, Pilates, and other Fitness sessions as well as, Guided-Meditations.

It has always been our mission to help our clients achieve optimal health and wellness. We’ve worked with every type of client; athletes, fitness competitors, pre/post natal, injury rehabilitation, children, senior citizens and everyone in between. Clients are always asking, “Why Body in Mind?” Experience is my answer. “Why Pilates?” It’s simple, here is an exercise method that gives you instant results, is safe and makes you feel great!

Nina Waldman Bootylates Workout Image

Catch a glimpse of Bootylates with creator Nina Waldman in this video!