Sarah Jane

Sarah was born and raised in Wuppertal, Germany. In her early teen years, she relocated to Los Angeles, California with her family. Being a competitive skier as a child and playing various competitive sports growing up, Sarah has always had an interest in the movement. She found her Pilates & Yoga Practice in 2008 as a way to manage her school/work/play balance while finishing her degree at California State University-Los Angeles. Sarah currently holds degrees in Philosophy and Communications. After deciding not to pursue her Juris Doctor, she decided to share her passion for movement with others. Sarah has since completed certifications in full Pilates Apparatus, Pilates Mat, Yoga-RYT200, Lagree Method & Schwinn. She continues to attend workshops, bridge programs and also studies anatomy, body mechanics, and human movement.

Sarah currently teaches in Los Angeles, Bel Air & Las Vegas
Her teaching style can best be described as:
Knowledgeable, Mindful, Detailed and Welcoming

As far as her classes are concerned her Philosophy is “Everyone is different- don’t compete with anyone but yourself. Listen to your body, honor your body and respect its limitations. Movement and wellness are just as important for the mind as they are for the body so make sure you’re good to yourself, you’re present and most importantly you have a good time in class .”

Sarah hopes that clients walk away from her sessions feeling better from the inside out. She invites you to join her and hopes to leave a lasting impact on the mind/body on and off of the mat and the reformer.

Body In Mind Pilates Instructor Sarah Jane
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