Nina Waldman

Nina Waldman,
Creator of Bootylates/Las Vegas Nevada Pilates Instructor/Life Coach/C.P.T

Hi, I’m Nina Waldman. I’ve been helping people achieve optimal health and wellness for more than two decades. I enjoy getting to know each clients’ goals and special needs, prior to working with them. Then, during our 1st scheduled session, we discover together your strengths and the areas needing improvement. We will progress at a safe pace and your sessions will be catered towards your needs.

Watch this video to find out how YOU can improve your life. My philosophy has always been to help you feel better after a session with me than you felt before we started.

As an overweight youth, I desired to be athletic and physically fit. I trained myself and changed myself. And once I discovered Pilates, the rest was history! I was so impressed by the results and how good my body felt that I knew I wanted to teach this method of exercise to people.

My passion continued to grow after working with so many different body types and seeing everyone make improvements: expecting Mothers, youths, athletes of all ages, celebrities, cancer survivors, the elderly and also people suffering from anxiety and depression.

Meditation is one of the tools I like to use in my practice. The benefits of meditation are endless. Allow me to guide you through short meditations that help you gain focus, eliminate and manage stress better and live a healthier more relaxed life. I utilized meditation when I delivered my child to help with pain management and it worked!

If you have never meditated before, guess what? The easiest form of meditation there is, you’re already doing. Concentrating on your breath! So, let’s take a moment to do just that, focus on your breath. Wherever you are watching this video, I’d like you to sit up and take a moment to relax your shoulders. If it’s safe to do so, close your eyes and take a nice long, deep breath in and then slowly exhale. Do this again, breathing in slowly and out slowly. Notice how your body begins to relax and release tension just from you pausing a moment to concentrate on your breath. Congratulations, you just meditated!

Becoming a Life Coach allowed me to help people recognize the importance of focusing on more than just the physical. What you will learn from me is how to find balance in your life. The necessary balance between your physical life, your emotional state, mental state and spiritual bodies. Once you learn how they all work together in harmony, you’ll have built the best possible version of yourself.

I’m excited to work with you! I have been a health and wellness coach, instructing for over 20 years holding certifications in four different methodologies of Pilates. I’m also certified in; Pilates for Kidz, Pre/Post-natal Pilates, I created the complete online Bootylates program for those who want to exercise but can’t make it to a gym. I’m also certified and instruct Indoor Cycling and I have enjoyed competing in 3 fitness competitions. I’m here to provide instruction and guidance to you in any or all of the above mentioned.

Over the years I’ve learned the importance in accommodating peoples’ demanding schedules. This is why I make myself available virtually. We work together for your convenience and so you can better your health and wellness. Consistency is key!

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