Natalia Shaenko

“Everyone is the architect of their own happiness.”
Joseph Pilates

Natalia Shaenko grew up in the small town of Murmansk in Russia and went on to enjoy a successful worldly career as a rhythmic gymnast and professional
aerialist. Her career with Cirque brought her to Las Vegas, where she discovered Pilates to enhance her art form finding it to be effective in increasing strength
and mobility. She is trained in Balanced Body Certification program and also completed Personal Trainer Certification.

Teaching Pilates to integrate body precision and placement, breathing, biomechanics, and communication, are all
natural extensions of Natalia’s experience in athletics which have provided her with an awareness and true
understanding of the human body. Natalia applies all this to her workouts and instruction and believes that a minor change

in the way we move, can make a world of difference. She is dedicated to finding these small changes necessary
to each individual, allowing for the body to restructure itself in a way that provides freedom of movement, better posture, and a better quality of life.

Natalia truly loves sharing her passion for Pilates with her clients. Whether you’re looking for a challenging workout, want to focus on a specific goal, or you’ve never tried Pilates before and want to know what it’s all about, she wants to be your partner in your Pilates experience and growth.

Body In Mind Pilates Studio Team Member