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215 South – Testing Boundaries

Nina Waldman has set out to test boundaries and use exercise regimes on the verge of mainstream, where inhibitions are checked at the door and “sore muscles” take on a new meaning. Waldman was introduced to Pilates when her husband, former UNLV Runnin’ Rebel H Waldman, injured his back and took up Pilates for rehabilitation. The Waldmans moved to Israel for nearly five years when her husband was playing in pro basketball leagues overseas. Out of boredom, Nina Waldman opened the first Body in Mind Studio.

The couple grew tired of the lifestyle and moved back to their native Las Vegas. Nina Waldman then created two Body in Mind Beauty and Fitness Boutique locations in her hometown. In Henderson, Body in Mind can be found at 8925 S. Pecos Road, Ste. 13A.

Pilates is a form of resistance training that strengthen the core of the muscles in the abdomen, lower back, hips, inner thighs and backside with slow stretches and fluid movement. “You’re sore in a pleasing way. It’s invigorating, not exhausting,” says Waldman, 32. “Most clients who dreaded going to the gym look forward to going to Pilates.”

Waldman’s next idea, at first, made some women cringe. But, in reality, the newest additions-cardio striptease and pole dancing- were brought in to improve self esteem along with a low-impact, fun exercise experience.

“I thought long and hard about it. I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression,” Waldman says. “Those classes don’t discriminate. Most of the clients who come are beginners.

Woman of all ages-up to age 70, so far- have tried the pole dancing class because of its low impact. Women who come in with inhibitions leave without them, Waldman says.

“It’s not momentum,” she says. “The slower you go, the sexier it is. Pole dancing isn’t about flying around the pole.”

Ruby Gonzales, a Green Valley Ranch resident, was surrounded by women of all ages and professions in her classes.

“We were all rookies, so it wasn’t that intimidating. That added fun to it,” she says. “I felt good about myself. It brought self confidence, and I could still do some moves even if I’m in my 40’s.”

“We want to tap into our feminine side,” Waldman says. “We get to walk out feeling beautiful, sexy, uninhibited and having accomplished a good workout.”

The cardio striptease class isn’t as low-key as Pilates or Pole Dancing. Waldman enjoys watching the transformation in the students from when they walk in for their first pole dancing or cardio striptease class to when they leave.

“They’re kind of hugging the wall at the beginning of the hour,” she says, “And at the end of the hour, they’re free.”

Other classes offered at Body in Mind include yoga, kickboxing and Cardio Pilates Abs (CPA), an all-in-one exercise created by Waldman. Massage, facials, waxing and skin care also are offered at the studio.

Pole dancing and cardio striptease classes are offered as drop-in classes or workshops, starting at about $15 per class. Private and group rates are available as well for most classes.

Those interested can call Body in Mind at 531-2639 or visit the website at www.bodyinmindpilatesstudio.com