Nina Waldman

    Instructor / Owner

    Growing up, I always wished to be athletic, but was the exact opposite. I knew what it would take to become fit and healthy so instead of just dreaming about a better physique, I started exercising and studying nutrition during my late teen years. Read More    

        Moriah Goodwin

        Yoga instructor

        Yoga has shared an intimate role in more than half of Moriah’s life. She was introduced to the practice in her early teens as a way of balancing her workout routine, little did she know she was to discover a new way to balance her life. Read More

            Ashley Jodra

            Ashley is a Las Vegas native, that has been passionate about health and fitness for over a decade. Read More 

                Jordana Cauldwell


                Jordana Cauldwell is an avid fitness and nutrition enthusiast. She has a strong background in dance and dance education and has performed with the highly regarded Kibbutz Dance Company in Israel.
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                    She started her background in the original classical Pilates technique-training over a decade ago in San Francisco at Golden Gate Pilates.  Read More 



                        I started my career in exercise science/kinesiology in 1993 at the University of Arizona. I have always been intrigued by a healthy lifestyle, fitness.  Read More  



                            Galina Dorodnova-Geissendoerfer, originally from Moscow, Russia arrived in the fall 1996 to New York as part of the contemporary art show “Nellie Show”. Read More